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How to use this site?

Two mouse clicks to find a service station cost around your itinerary.

The home page displays a map of each europea country with driving directions.

- Highways are in red
- The double tracks are green

By moving the mouse over the map and clicking on the icons terminal roads and highways terminal, a window prompts you to access the stations referenced on the selected route.

A second card is offered with a choice of stations available services on the route or adjacent when you click on a marker sign representing a service station at a lower cost, a window multiple choice is offered

It contains access to the station following the direction of movement, mark the sign of the station, access to its website to availability, and a link to the community site to obtain rates Zagaz identified by the community zagaz motorists.

A third and final map will show you accurate and convenient access to the selected station (map and text) from the motorway and gives you the distance in kilometers of detour to get there.

Why do some terminals are red?

Red station icons red tells you a detour of more than 2.5 kms, but never more than 4 kms. These are located on certain routes to address the lack of stations in close proximity to major highways.

Why rates are not clearly displayed?

Whether on the government website or social networking sites you are not certain about the rate of the day. While on jerry, all from selected stations are usually signs offering cheap fares said. So you're sure to find competitive rates to those stations and highways to make some savings. However, we have put links on these sites so you can see prices of certain distributors.

Exit and then reenter the highway causes there an additional cost of toll?

No, and more surprisingly it will cost you less. The result of cutting his route leaving and entering again on the highway, you'll earn a few cents on the euro rates. Motorway companies use the technique of expansion. A journey made in one go is often more expensive than the same path traveled into several sections.

The maps and proposed plans are they modifiable?

The maps and plans from google maps. You can use the tools at your disposal (zoom, satellite view, ...)

For more information about browsing with google maps and its features please consult the online help on the official site maps.google.com

Why do we find a European France nomenclature?

The French road network is largely in use by foreign drivers. The cards they occur in their countries refer to this standard. This site is a European vocation as its domain name suggests.